What to Serve with Olive Bread

What to Serve with Olive Bread: Check out our delicious pairing ideas for homemade olive bread including caprese salad, French onion pasta, Mediterranean salad, and roasted garlic butter. These options are family friendly and everyone will be asking for seconds!

Top down view of a sliced no-knead olive loaf.

Homemade olive bread is one of my favorite breads to make from scratch.

There’s no kneading required and the result is a thick, crusty bread packed with the salty flavor of kalamata olives. 

And while olive bread is delicious on its own, it also makes an excellent appetizer or side dish paired with your favorite meat or pasta, a flavorful dip or spread, or a fresh and healthy salad. 

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of all of the recipes you can make to accompany a fresh loaf of olive bread! 

What is Olive Bread Made Of?

Olive bread is made with all of the classic bread ingredients with the addition of chopped kalamata olives! 

For my homemade olive bread recipe, you’ll need bread flour, thyme, yeast, salt, water, olive oil, and olives. 

Is Olive Bread Good for You?

Making a loaf of bread at home is always better for you than buying it at the store. 

Made-from-scratch recipes ensure that you know exactly what’s going into your bread—no additives or preservatives in sight! 

What Do You Serve with Olive Bread?

There are so many different recipes you can enjoy with your homemade loaf of olive bread. Here are just some super tasty ideas! 

French onion pasta on a spatula.

French onion pasta is a creamy and comforting pasta dish that pairs perfectly with the salty flavors in olive bread.

It’s a no-fuss meal that’s perfect for an easy weeknight dinner or an at-home date night. 

This recipe features tender penne noodles, onion, and portabella mushrooms covered in a savory cream sauce and finished with fresh parmesan and minced thyme. 

Roasted garlic butter in a jar.

Toast a slice of olive bread and slather it with this delicious roasted garlic butter. You won’t regret it! 

This whipped butter is infused with flavors from fresh garlic and chives, then finished with a little bit of olive oil and salt.

It’s so easy to make and can be enjoyed in so many different ways.

Make extra and enjoy it on pasta, use it to sauté veggies, melt it over meat, you name it. 

Angled view of chicken tomato spinach pasta in a pan.

Incorporate your olive bread into a hearty and filling meal with this easy Tuscan chicken pasta recipe!

This pasta dish is packed full of flavors that go perfectly with the salty flavor of olives. 

It’s made with penne pasta, tender chicken, sun dried tomatoes, onion, spinach, and basil tossed in a savory and creamy cheese sauce. Just 15 minutes to prep!

Bread pieces in a bowl of oil and spices.

Looking for a mouth watering snack or appetizer?

This olive oil bread dip is the perfect way to enjoy a fresh slice of olive bread. It’s simple, but so incredibly flavorful! 

This bread dip is made with an olive oil base that’s seasoned with fresh garlic, plenty of dried herbs, a splash of balsamic vinegar, and a little bit of red pepper flakes for spice.

It takes your olive bread from good to amazing! 

Bowl of pasta and cream sauce.

Keep your meal simple and classic with this delicious garlic parmesan pasta recipe.

It’s a 20-minute dinner made with ingredients that are easy to keep on-hand!

This recipe is made with the long pasta noodles of your choice coated in a delicate garlic parmesan cream sauce.

It’s perfect as-is, but can easily be bulked up with cooked veggies or a protein. 

Up-close view of the finished toast on a plate.

Our mushroom toast recipe is not only flavorful, but it’s easy to make. This mushroom toast tastes even better when it’s made using slices of freshly baked olive bread.

Top down view of fresh herb butter.

This garlic herb butter is the perfect way to add even more flavor to a thick slice of homemade olive bread.

It’s made with garlic, salt, pepper, and fresh parsley, rosemary, thyme, oregano, marjoram, or any combination of herbs your heart desires.

This herb butter takes 10 minutes to prepare and lasts for 7-10 days in the fridge.

Feel free to make extra so you can use it on your favorite meats, veggies, pastas, etc. 

Top down view of creamy garlic dip in a bowl.

This simple garlic dip is a 6-ingredient recipe that makes a super tasty dip or spread for olive bread.

It’s made with a cream cheese and mayonnaise base that’s combined with freshly roasted garlic, garlic powder, chives, and a touch of salt.

This dip is also delicious served with fresh sliced veggies, chips or crackers, or on a sandwich! You can’t go wrong. 

White plate filled with spaghetti sauce on top of noodles.

Turn your olive bread into a warm, restaurant-quality appetizer with a side of spaghetti sauce for dipping!

This homemade tomato sauce features juicy ground beef and pork, onion, bell pepper, and garlic blended with tomatoes. 

It’s thick, hearty, savory, and makes great leftovers.

Enjoy with a couple slices of olive bread, then keep the leftovers to serve over pasta for your next meal. 

Close up view of chicken and mushroom pasta in a pan.

This chicken mushroom pasta is similar to chicken alfredo with mushrooms, and it comes together to form a decadent and delicious meal! 

The sauce is made with heavy cream, parmesan cheese, and garlic. Add some fettuccine noodles, cooked chicken, and tender mushrooms.

Top with freshly grated parmesan cheese and serve with a slice of olive bread for a complete meal.

Top down view of chicken caprese in a baking dish.

This baked chicken caprese is an easy and hearty chicken dinner.

It’s made with baked chicken breasts topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, a tangy balsamic glaze, and a garnish of fresh basil. 

Serve this classic Italian dish over pasta, with a side of soup, or, of course, with a slice of homemade olive bread. 

Garlic sun dried tomato cream cheese on bread.

Whether you’re hosting a casual gathering or preparing a gourmet meal, Roasted Garlic Cream Cheese with sun-dried tomatoes is a great choice to serve your guests.

Spread it on warm, crusty olive bread for the perfect pairing. Slice the bread into chunks or elegant crostini and lightly toast if desired.

Spread the cream cheese generously on the bread and let the bold flavors blend with the briny olives.

This combination is not only delicious but also creates a sophisticated appetizer that will impress.

Top down view of a rectangle baking dish with feta tomato pasta.

This viral Tik Tok pasta recipe is a guaranteed hit! It’s an incredibly easy recipe that yields an insanely delicious meal in just 40 minutes.

The sauce for this recipe is made by roasting tomatoes with seasonings and a whole block of feta cheese in the oven.

The tomatoes burst and the feta melts, then everything is stirred together to form a creamy, decadent, and delicious sauce.

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