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Chocolate Truffles

These Chocolate Truffles are the ultimate indulgent treat. Rich chocolate ganache is chilled before being rolled in shredded coconut, chopped nuts, fine cocoa powder, or dipped in warm melted chocolate. These truffles can be customized to your heart’s content and make for wonderful homemade gifts! Homemade and indulgent these Chocolate Truffles would pair wonderfully with …

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Chocolate Filled Pastry (Pain au Chocolat)

This Chocolate Filled Pastry is a chocolate lover’s dream. It’s filled with chocolate and buttery goodness that will melt in your mouth. The best part? You can make it at home from scratch! We’ll show you the steps to making pain au chocolat, using puff pastry and chocolate! Pain au chocolat (Chocolate Filled Pastry) is …

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